Nana Yaw Akwada

Executive Director

Bright Etornam Korda

Director, Research and Advocacy

Dr. Yakubu Akparibo

Associate Agent, Health and Aviation

Sampson Wolanyo Deklu

Associate Agent, Built Environment & Man-Made Structures

Wolanyo is the Partnership lead at Barcamp Ghana, part of the GhanaThink Foundation. Wolanyo graduated from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology with both Bachelor and Master of Architecture degrees. Wolanyo has a progressive experience in leadership and capacity development, volunteering and organization.


He is the co-founder of the #FeedTheChild project, which supported children at the Kumasi Children’s Hospital. His current project #ThousandFor1000 aims at supporting 1000 pupils of a selected deprived school with learning materials. Wolanyo is interested in children architecture and the exploration of playground activities for children development. He also A few organisation he volunteers for SociArchi, CleanAfrica, GhanaThink and Adehyee Leo Club. He also has a keen interest in safety of spaces with the broader view designing for people for communal interactions.

Edward Berko

Associate Agent, Built Environment & Man-Made Structures
Edward is a young ambitious man with many years of working experience in engineering, IT, photography and filmmaking. He’s worked in some of the finest industries in Ghana. He currently runs a media company. Edward loves nature. The sky is his limit.

Tata Kosi Foliba

Associate Agent, Legal Affairs

Tata is a lawyer with one of the leading law firms in Ghana. He specializes in Tort Law, Commercial Law, Law of Taxation, Company Law and Company Secretarial Practice. He also has experience in Labour Law, Family Law, Property Law and Civil and Criminal Litigation.


He currently volunteers for the Juvenile Justice Project (JJP) where he provides legal services for juveniles who have fallen foul of the law on a pro – bono basis.
Tata holds an LLB and BA (Hons) Psychology from the University of Ghana, Legon, Diploma (Project Management) and Diploma (Business Management and Administration) from the Institute of Commercial Management (ICM), UK. He is currently pursuing Chartered Tax Professional course at the Chartered Institute of Taxation, Ghana.


Tata is a member of the Ghana Bar Association and the African Bar Association.

Prodeo Yao Agbotui, Ph.D

Associate Agent, Earth and Environmental Matters
Ing Dr Prodeo is a BSc Civil Eng. (KNUST 2006) and Hydrogeologist (MSc (2010) & PhD (2020), Leeds, UK). He has practiced in the downstream oil industry and water supply sectors (13 years). He has also been an academic at the Civil Engineering Department of the Accra Technical University. He has special interests in general civil engineering, geotechnical and ground engineering, groundwater and surface water characterization and assessment, slope stability, environmental impact assessment and contaminated land characterization and assessment. In his free time, he does house chores and spends his time with his family.