The Bureau of Public Safety (BPS) is a registered entity under the laws of Ghana as a Non-Profit Organization with interest in matters of Public Safety and Security, Health and Environment. Founded in 2009 and incorporated in January 2010, the Bureau has engaged Civil Society Groups, Corporate Bodies, Government Agencies, and the Media among many others on issues of public safety.


Key among these engagements is the pioneering and the subsequent institution of the Biennial National Safety Conference; organized in partnership with the Department of Factories Inspectorate under the Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations.


The BPS regularly conducts public surveys, research and training of specialized bodies such as Law Enforcement agencies (under the BPS’ Law Enforcement Support Initiative – LESI), among other identifiable bodies towards ensuring greater public safety.


We seek to influence policy through advocacy, lobbying, education and providing policy alternatives to Government. The Bureau also avails itself to provide specialist-consulting services in Occupational Health and Safety to businesses, Government Agencies and Civil Society Organizations.