BPS Alert – Observe Flood Safety tip

Flash floods strike quickly in many parts of the world and Ghana is not an exception. Surviving a flash flood or a regular flood is a combination of preparation and taking appropriate action as soon as the natural occurrence begins.

Stay where you are during heavy downpours to avoid the risk of getting trapped by flash floods.

Observe from time to time through your window how floods may be forming and the flow of current around your house during a heavy downpour. This should enable you to spot any potential or unsuspecting danger. We advise strongly against staying by the window for a long time due to the effect of lightening.

Identify where to go if evacuation notice is served

Relocate during rainy seasons or make plans to relocate: If you live in an area that experiences flooding during rainy seasons

Turn around. Don’t drown. When in vehicular transit and the road ahead is all covered in flood turn around. If turning is not possible or likely to take so much time, abandon vehicle and move to a higher ground. A flooded street can be much deeper than it appears and you could be stranded or trapped.

Never walk through a moving water. Do not try to walk across a moving water as even six inches of flood can trap you and prove very fatal.

Head for higher ground. When in foot transit move to a higher ground away from rivers, streams, creeks and storm drains. Move through flood slowly and carefully using a stick or other long object to test depths before every step

Safe-deposit box. It is important to keep insurance policies, documents and other valuables in a safe-deposit box, which is located up high and out of harm’s way. This will prevent the loss of valuable items in the event of flooding in the home.

<>bTurn off utilities at the main switches or valves in the midst flooding and thunderstorms. Disconnect all electrical and electronic appliances. All electrical appliances should be placed at a higher level in your homes or offices.

Do not touch electrical equipment if you are wet or standing in water.

Never chase items. Never go after hitherto, valuable items such as mobile phones, television sets, refrigerators, etc

Tune in. It is also important that we keep tuned in to radio to learn of developments or happenings in areas nearby and further weather warning. ourselves every time by listening to the radio or television for information

Dial 112 to the National Emergency Call Centre for assistance during emergency situations.