The Bureau of Public Safety (BPS) is a registered entity under the laws of Ghana as a Non-Profit Organization with interest in matters of Public Safety and Security, Health and Environment. Founded in 2009 and incorporated in January 2010, the BPS has considerable local and international repute. We are noted for putting out objective, independent analysis and critique on many issues related to public safety, crime, and security.

The Bureau influences policy through effective engagement with Government agencies and enterprise level institutions. Through effective communication skills and the ability to work with the mass media and civil society, we are reorienting approach to public safety, crime, and security governance and management.
With over 150 media allies in Ghana and Africa, the Bureau of Public Safety has become a clearinghouse for public safety, crime, and security related issues. Publishing periodic reports on public safety, crime and security, we have appeared on major news networks (i.e. television and radio stations), mass-circulation newspapers, and the internet with the objective of influencing policy through advocacy, lobbying, education and providing policy alternatives to Government agencies